american literture 

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Please review the American Literature Study Guide (also in Doc Sharing) to help you with this assignment.

Important note: In class discussions, express your own ideas and do not use outside sources. Using outside sources can lower your scores, and often they can lead to plagiarism.

It helps to discuss poetry with others, and you will find that each reader has a slightly different perspective about any given work.  The same is true when you view a film, which is a type of literary text.  You may feel differently about the film than another person, and you may notice a theme or concept that another person did not observe.  Perhaps you understand the historical background of a work or author that allows you to identify or personalize a certain work, whereas someone else may find the work empty of the same meaning that you find there.

  • Choose one of the poems you have read by Williams, Cummings, or Eliot and apply one of the critical approaches from Section III of the American Literature Study Guide (biographical approach, psychological approach, historical approach, etc.). This experimental exercise demonstrates the process of interpretation and reveals how differently a poem can be read, heard, and understood.
  • Please include the author’s name in your post title. 
  • There is no right or wrong answer here, so offer only your own thoughts and feelings. Do not use outside sources.
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