privacy two questions

Answer each these questions in a paragraph with at least five sentences: Include the question and number your responses accordingly. 
1. What is privacy?
2. What risks, if any, does facial recognition software raise?
3. How much information about you can be found on-line with a simple google search? 
4. How much information about you can be found by searching government and commercial databases?
5. Describe informed consent. 
6. Should secondary use of consumer provided data be available without notice to the consumer?
7. How do data mining and predictive analytics work? 
8. Watch this Science Friday video by Ira Flatow. And, offer your opinion – Are advancing algorithms taking our free will? 
9. Should Facebook be regulated, at least as far as it’s privacy and data policies? 
10. How many public cameras is too many? 

Do a bit of research on CWE, Common Weakness Enumeration.
Write a brief overview of their scoring system.
Pick one of common weaknesses identified on their site and describe it.

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privacy two questions
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