Use the information on resiliency from the module and look at resiliency factors in the local community where you live which is Melbourne Fl USA. Post 3 resiliency factors and 3 ways to increase community resilience. Identify a post-disaster psychological intervention, find and post a research article about that intervention, and comment on what you found interesting about the intervention and how it could be improved/made more ethical or culturally sensitive. One full page APA format. Provide a link to the article on the reference page. see attached file and link to a video below
Consider the following when you post:
Is the contribution mechanically clear enough for readers to understand the points being made?
Is the contribution on time?
Does the contribution meet the minimum length requirements?
Does the contribution reference assigned readings or other resources?
Does the post contain “critical thinking” that is indicative of the paradigms in the field? Are the ideas communicated with respect for those who may dissent?

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