After reading the unit lesson and the required readings, post your abstract in the discussion board and discuss why you chose this topic and how it relates to research you plan to continue or to your future career.
Having a good nutrition habit, healthy body weight, and physical activities are essential aspects of good health and wellness. The combination of all three factors is critical in reducing the chances of getting severe health complications such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, stroke, and heart complications. Managing a good health condition also relies on how one adhere to regular physical exercises, a well-maintained body weight, and a healthy diet. However, according to (Healthy People 2020), most Americans don’t check their menu and are lazy in taking apart in physical activities to the required levels as a way of maintaining proper health. 
According to CDCP (2013), fruit consumption among adults is 1.1 times in a day, and the use of vegetables on a daily scale is 1.6, with adolescents recording the lowest use of both fruits and vegetables. The statistic shows that the average daily consumption of both fruits and vegetables among Americans doesn’t meet the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. About 81.6% and 81.8% of American adults and adolescents respectively don’t take part in physical activities on a recommended daily scale. These behaviors are among the leading factors that contribute to the rising cases of Obesity. Approximately 1 out of 3 US adults, which represents 34 % and 1 out of 6 adolescents and children, which is 16.2 %, are obese.
Obesity-related complications include stroke, heart disease, and type two diabetes. The current in death cases is as a result of the obesity-related complications. Besides the death cases, obesity-related diseases cots this country millions of money annually, making it one of the most significant burdens that this country is struggling with regards to the health care system.

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