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Directions: Submit a one-page paper. Choose one of the three choices below:

Choice 1 – Elections Around the World. Many countries have methods much different from the American system for choosing a president or prime minister. Choose a particular country and use the Web to learn about national elections. Describe in detail the voting procedure used, and discuss its strengths and shortcomings. 

Choice 2 – Social Security Problems. Research the current status of the Social Security trust fund and potential future problems in paying out benefits. For example, when is the fund projected to start paying out more than it takes in each year? Write a report that summarizes your findings.


Point Value



30 points

Contain an introduction   paragraph, at least two body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. In other words, at least four   paragraphs. A paragraph should contain   at least four substantial sentences.


20 points

Be written in complete   sentences with proper grammar. 


25 points

Address all parts of the   chosen problem. 


25 points

Provide   your personal thoughts on the subject.

This project is to be completed on your own, with no help from other people.  However, you may use other resources, such as your text book and calculators.

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