Philosophy….. please read…. due in 15 hours

this assignment is due in 15 hours…. If you bid and assigned you will have done in 15 hours….. no late…. 
Please read the scenario below and answer:  Based on Philosophy 
Not only is education different nowadays, but so are educators.  A couple of years ago, I was asked to substitute for another instructor (not at Cerritos).  I agreed, and that instructor left me a copy of his text for the class, since I was taking over so close to when the class started and did not have time to set up the course based on my own notes.  When I looked at that instructor’s text, I was shocked.  It was a text he had put together himself made up of nothing but free websites that students could download themselves, but he had put them together as a book and was making money off of these websites.  I quietly put the book back in his box and told him I would order my own textbook that I normally used.  How would the Sophists react to this instructor and his book?  How would Socrates react to this instructor and his book?  With whom would you agree, the Sophists or Socrates?

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Philosophy….. please read…. due in 15 hours
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