Phil in Humanites4

Respond to these two discussion board posts that someone wrote please use your own words you don’t have to site anything each response should be no longer than five sentences

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Phil in Humanites4
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1.Upon researching different cultural practices, I ran across an article about potty training in China. Here in America, babies wear either disposable or cloth diapers from birth until about 2-3 years of age depending on the child/parent. However in China, once children are able to hold his or her head unassisted and are able to crawl, the child wear crotchless pants. This makes it easier for the child to “go” on the go. As the child gets older, they are taught a straddle position to make it easier to use the restroom. Parents then sprinkle ashes on the waste and sweep it away. Personally I would not call this a deviant act, however I dont believe its the most sanitary thing to do because the germs, etc.


2. In the Indian culture it is custom to name their children by drawing his or her natal chart. The natal chart is also known as a astrology chart. According to the Indian culture, the natal chart influences their child’s ability to think, behave and prosper due the wavelengths of one’s mins to the cosmos and its vibrations. This culture believes in the natal chart so much they would arrange marriages based on a person’s horoscope.  The elderly is so highly respected they are the ones who would arrange marriages it would be look upon as a honor. The idea of falling in love is rare according to the Indian customs.  While it is costumed in my family to marry someone due to chemistry, same beliefs , and shared idea’s on stability. Just like the Indians we believe every person name should have a powerful meaning that will promote growth and stability in one’s life. My family doesn’t just name their children made up names, most of my family members have biblical names.The media would try to impact on your views by what is deviant by giving you the information by telling you half-truth. The news media gives facts but not the “build to information”, which may entail the hidden truth. For example, when you see a crime on the news about someone getting shot. The part the news won’t give is the reason the person may have gotten shot. The shooter may have been protecting his home or love one from being rob but in most cases the news won’t expose that part.

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