PEST Analysis of Australia

PEST analysis: Political: Australia is a type of democratic country and it is stable politically. The characteristics of Australian government such as transparency and having low level of corruption, and being internationally competitiveness helps Australia to have the lowest rank of political instability in Asia-Pacific and it standing on bottom fourth position in the world in political instability (Australian government 2009). Therefore this factor is an advantage and an opportunity for the companies that operate within Australia and for the people who invest in these kinds of companies. Economic:
Australia has one of the most stable economies in the world. According to Economist magazine Australia’s GDP in 2012 was about 1. 5 trillion USD and it becomes the 12th country in the world. During the last global financial crisis in 2007 most of the countries such as US, and European countries were suffering and their economic factors such as GDP, Interest rate, growth, inflation went downwards and were in recession, but Australian government could control the situation by implementing strategies that helped small businesses and individuals and kept the economy stable (Economist magazine 2013).
So the Australian government made an opportunity out of the financial crisis which was a threat for the whole economy and now is one of the best countries for investment with a very low risk. Social: According to Australian Bureau of Statistics census in 2011 there was 3. 5 million student in this country both international and domestics (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013). So these students are the customer base for Mynetfone at the moment as residential customers and they can be the potential business users in near future.

As Australia has a good rate of economy growth, more businesses wanted to operate in this country and as a result they will need more services for their business such as internet, phone etc. Technological: Mynetfone owned Symbio network in 2009 which has the largest VoIP network providing wholesale carrier service to Australian industry in Australia that using number porting, cloud based hosted PBX service, call termination, call origination and many other infrastructure enable services. The Symbio work in wholesale and Mynetfone work on retail sections (Mynetfone 2013).

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PEST Analysis of Australia
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