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Please respond to Question One (bolded) and one additional essay question under Question Two of your choice. Please provide a complete essay response for both questions. Each response should be at least two pages (double- spaced, 12 pitch, Times New Roman). One reference page should accompany your work in APA format. Please place your name on each page. No late work will be accepted.
Question One:
As a student researcher, please introduce one theorist from the list below and describe what major components he or she has offered to those attempting to understand the development of children and/or families? Please include a photo of the selected theorist and critique his or her theory. For example, please discuss the strengths and limitations of the individual’s theory.

Albert Bandura
David Liu
Erik Erikson
Harriette Pipes McAdoo
Jean Piaget
Lawrence Kohlberg
Lev Vygotsky
Question Two: (Choose One Question To Answer Below)

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Parenting Today
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• Linda Espinosa
• Maria Montessori
• Robert Coles
• Sigmund Freud
• Terry Cross
• Urie Bronfenbrenner
What happens to children who experience consistent and high levels of stress and Cortisol? psychiatryprogram/
How can parents work to protect children from Contaminants at School? asts/school/index.cfm
Many children love being in or around water, whether it’s a backyard pool or a local beach. But without proper safety measures, water can be dangerous for young children. Please identify one academic journal article related to water safety? How can parents make water safety a priority? Please review this site:
How could the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, also known as the WIC program, assist a single parent with limited income? What foods are eligible under this program?
hat steps can parents take to keep their children healthy? coping/children.html? ncov%2Fprepare%2Fchildren.html
According to the NIEHS and EPA how can parents help prevent lead poisoning in children and youth? What is your state or local area doing to help eradicate lead poisoning?

*Student should utilize the referenced links above as well as other scholarly documents to develop their responses.
*Students must include a reference page for each question in APA format.
Important: Work submitted without a reference page will not be graded.

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