Paper on Movie Review of “Living Old” in America

Paper on Movie Review

7 page essay on elders in america Concept and Prompt Sheet for Movie Review of “Living Old” in America
Directions: Watch the Frontline movie/documentary, “ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Living Old.” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Please use this sheet to jot down or make notes of how the below concepts, themes, topics, or ideals are played out in the movie. Please be prepared to turn in your Critical Analysis Paper (CAP) via Canvas on April 24, 2019 by 11:59 pm. The CAP should be 7-8 (not including cover or reference pages) pages and should be typed, double-spaced following the American Psychological Association’s (APA) style. Students should have a minimum of four citations and matching references. Please see rubric.

Paper on Movie Review

The key here is that you adequately and sufficiently address the following issues outlined in the prompt(s) as presented below and integrate as many of the following concepts, themes, ideals, images, theories, or frameworks depicted in the movie/documentary. Please include a cover page title, “A Critical Analysis Paper of Living Old in America” or Paper on Movie Review.
Documentary Key Analysis Areas and Basis of Thesis Statement
Using the concepts, themes, ideals, images, theories, or frameworks as a conceptual guide, please review the movie/documentary, “Living Old” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and discuss clearly in a narrative form how the movie/documentary illustrates all of the elements or concepts outlined below. You may use the key concepts, terms, themes, ideals, images, topics, ideas, theories or frameworks below to explain how these concepts can be integrated to determine your understanding of such concepts in a synthesized and critical manner about the movie/documentary. You may pull upon class readings, Powerpoints, other assignments, video clippings, or readings from the course to provide the most comprehensive analysis.
Paper on Movie Review: Please be able to explain how such terms are reflected in the movie/documentary and give clear and supportive examples of each from the movie to demonstrate your level of understanding. Some concept may not apply. However, students should make every effort to include as many concepts in their analysis as possible. Please bold all of the terms used in your paper so that I or the TA can see that you have included them in your analysis.
I have provide a sample outline for your paper for your guidance:
Introduction: Provide a broad overview of the literature about aging, old age, and issues and problems associated with an aging society in relationship to the documentary. A special focus on those 85 and older would be appropriate to discusses statistically and their impact on the health are system and families. You may cite statistics and other prevalence data to show the reader what can be expected in terms of the population increase of elders and what this might mean to elders themselves, family caregivers, the health care system, and society in general. Additionally, you may want to discuss special issues or problems associated with women and minority elders. Finally, you will want to discuss as people live longer, they will live with chronic illness but eventually die. A discussion about the choices people have in deciding when to end their lives, whether they should get more health care treatment, and the problems caused if these decisions are not made early or medically necessary should be explored as well
Thesis Statement: (Your thesis statement should be the last paragraph of your introduction and should reflect what you plan to discuss in your paper and in that exact order). Ex. Therefore, this Critical Analysis will explore the issues of aging experienced by the oldest-old and their family caregivers as depicted in the Frontline documentary, Living Old (2006) and the issues particularly associated with women and minority elders. Additional discussion of end of life issues and whether or not elders and their families are prepared for the inevitable will be explored in relationship to the right to die and the bereavement process.
Topic 1 Subheading: The Oldest-Old
Provide content and analysis from the documentary integrating and using the following terms in your discussion:

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Paper on Movie Review of “Living Old” in America
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Caregiving distress
Formal and Informal caregiving
Weakened family support
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL)
Intergenerational norms
Psycho-social interventions
Paraprofessional caregivers
Respite care

Topic 2 Subheading: Women and Ethnic Issues
Provide content and analysis from the documentary integrating and using the following terms in your discussion:

Minority groups
Filial piety
Differences in aging by ethnic and racial groups

Topic 3: Subheading: Death and Dying
Provide content and analysis from the documentary integrating and using the following terms in your discussion:

Death denying society
Stages of Grief
Nursing home vs Hospice vs Adult Living Facilities
Right to Die
Medical ethics
Advance Directives
A Living Will
Patient Self Determination (PSDA)
Suicide and Assisted Suicide
Bereavement process

Conclusion: This should be a summative set of statements about each of the topics discussed in a global manner. You should also discuss how and what advances are in place to deal with the changing issues as discussed above and maybe offer recommendations and solutions for more successful aging, better decisions making, and education around choice and wishes of the elderly person before death.
References (Use the APA style to cite and reference sources and you should have at least 4 references). Please do not number your references.
Use of Terms: It is expected that you will use all of the terms listed. If for some reason the terms or themes are not applicable, you will need to still mention the term in your paper and discuss why this was not applicable or illustrated and discus why or why it should have been disused in the special cases presented int he documentary.

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