Operating system Information

Healthy, Empowered and Responsible community through delivery of quality health care services.To provide quality health care by competent and compassionate staff that is available, accessible, affordable, and sustainable for the constituents of racial. Development Plan Components/Network Configuration The consultant of Jackal Municipal Hospital (YAM) raises the question: “Is the network needed? ” Most definitely a network should be established.
Having intentions of using computers that want to “share” information, applications, or software implements the use of some type of network. Specifically, the idea was mentioned of using a database and sharing a community collection of client information. A logical topology setup with this given information and the company’s desires would be to use a star topology. The star, built around a server-based network, will allow centralized accounts and file storage creating easier, central access with only having the employees to use a single account password.
Employees want the ability to access to all files and services at the same time, using a server will be able to allot for he multiple requests to similar information without decreasing in performance. This setup will allow a server, client computers, and laser printer to be connected to a central switch that can share information across the local area network (LANA); in conjunction with this switch, a router, which is connected to a modem, will provide the local area network with an outside source to the internet.

The server will act and provide the company’s database of client files, a print server for a desired laser printer, and will host each employee’s company e-mail account. However, a star apology creates flexibility and more usability for the employees, with any setup has it has couple potential downfalls. The physical wiring to connect computers on a star topology requires more labor and more cable for installation; running through the ceiling, tight enclosures, or under the carpet can be tedious and slightly time consuming.
Nonetheless, a server based network will well suited the setup, usage, and rate of growth of this Hospital Location of JACKAL MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL (YAM) Legal Basis This new network star topology, server configuration, and client computers will be overfed and control Microsoft’s latest version of server operating system, Windows 7 Server With Windows 7 Server implemented, in conjunction with . Windows operating systems on the network, the hospital network services, security software, office productivity applications, and specialty software will be able to run effectively for company employees.
Windows based, optional services such as Exchange Server 2013, SQL 2013, or Share Point Server operate effectively with the Windows. Office productivity programs such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation footwear will be available for employee use with the installation of Microsoft’s Office 2010 Suite; Microsoft’s operating systems and their office productivity programs operate smoothly and have great file compatibility with each other. Accounting specific software and third-party business software, MOB Business Essentials, Sage Simply Accounting, or Quick Books 8. , perform exceptionally well across a windows based network and with the Office productivity software. Data Communication Media When relocating the business of operations to a new building and upgrading imputer equipment the need for new network media is a definite. Considering the specifications of the stationary, new computers, servers and network equipment CAT Ethernet cable is ideal. All of the newly selected units of business equipment have gigabit transfer compatible Nice and since CAT, to date, is the only HTTP cable capable of handling gigabit transfer it is the perfect choice for communication media.
CAT cable and gigabit network cards will allow business employees and management to access server resources, transfer files, and provide a strong backbone for the business’s data communication. Selecting CAT capable is the solution for the business’s stationary computers, however suite the needs of the seven management positions that carry laptops a wireless access will be installed. A wireless access point will be able to support the business’s laptops mobility capabilities.
The employees with laptops while in the office will have the choice to either plug in with CAT or connect to the wireless to access the business’s networked resources. Common Carriers and Services Usage Each employee in hospital is set to be outfitted with some type of computer that is unconnected to the new network; this is how will be how services and communications will be accessed and used. The business’s internet access will be installed by local cable provider, Compact or similar.
The services selected will provided a business connection that has Mbps download and Mbps upload speeds. The network capabilities will only be used by business employees and not the general public. Any client information or requested services will use a business employee as an arbitrator between them and the business’s services. The employees will then access company services through their workstation or laptop, connect to the server that souses information, and use company software to satisfy client’s requests.
Employees business/client information. The employee will then choose the appropriate software to complete the client’s request, either with network software or software installed on that business individual’s computer. The reason why the network plan is being proposed : To create a LANA so that the employee can easily store a data on their own computer, with the used of the Ian, they can easily share and get data without being disturb. This way the work will be done fast and reliable to the employee in computer worker n the hospital.
Network Diagram: (note: u can see the specs are bit low quality shown in diagram sorry can’t find any better pick in net sir) Investment requirement/Hardware Needs The new network proposal is completely is server-client network that totally revolves around the central server and its provided services, so to begin discussing new hardware lets start from the server and work outward. Before beginning individual hardware specifications, I have chosen hardware from Dell’s business solutions. The business’s services and resources will manage and controlled by Dell’s Powered 800 Ill.

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Operating system Information
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