Nissan Coursework

Jidosha Seizo established Datsun Motor Co in 1933. Company name changed to Nissan for exports in 1934. Nissan signs a deal with Austin Motor Co (England) in 1952. Nissan starts exporting cars to the United States in 1958. First Nissan plant outside Japan-Mexico in 1966. Datsun(UK) starts selling cars in the UK. Nissan car plants in USA and Spain established in 1980. Nissan Manufacturing UK Ltd (NMUK) established in Sunderland in 1984. The Sunderland plant has played a key role in the success of the outgoing Micra, which began production back in 1992.
The original Sunderland-built Micra was the first Japanese car to win the coveted European Car of the Year title in 1993, which has since sold over 1. 3 million units across the continent. Nissan’s operations in Sunderland began in 1984, with the first vehicle, the Nissan Bluebird, coming off the production line in 1986. Since then, the car plant has grown to become the UK’s largest, and has produced over 3 million vehicles to date. This year, it was recognised for the sixth consecutive year as the most productive car plant in Europe (Source: World Markets Research Centre).
Already considered Europe’s most efficient auto plant, the Nissan factory in Sunderland, UK, makes 334,000 cars per year – 38 complete vehicles per hour. NMUK starts production of the Bluebird @ 24,000 p. a. in 1986. Primera range of vehicles produces at NMUK in1990. Formed an Alliance with Renault (38% share) in 1999. Nissan transformed from loss making company with massive debts to profit making and almost zero debt in 1999-2002. Micra range of vehicles introduced to NMUK in 1992. Almera range of vehicles introduced to NMUK in 2000. NMUK will make 341,000 vehicles in 2003.

NMUK will tender for more Nissan models (e.g. Micra Convertible and aim to produce 400-450. 000 vehicles per annum) in 2003-2005. Identify the main departments in the Sunderland plant. The main departments are: NMUK Information Systems Department, Material Handling, Quality Assurance, Finance, Production (Trim and Chassis, Body Shop, Paint Shop), NMUK Technical Support, European Data Centre, Global Systems Development, Personnel + Training + Safety, Engineering, Purchasing and Production Control. Quality of the car is very important. The main work of this department is to control the quality of the material bought for making the car.
To make sure the parts and components produced by each production line is in good quality so that the can will be in good quality. Finance department performs three functions: Purchase accounts, treasury, cash-book and control cost of production. The main works they do are: invoicing; pay creditors; chase debtors; ensure funding; audit incoming ; outgoing funds; liase with suppliers ; customers. In the treasury and cash-book section, the main works are to manage funds and currency; assess cost of interest rates; move funds to achieve profit; secure backing of financial partners;
Maintain cash-book status; secure grants ; allowances. Some other works are to maintain cost of parts ; operations; assess supplier capability; achieve best price and supply; negotiate new contracts; interface with NMUK departments; supplier commercial interface. Personnel + Training + Safety The main job of personnel department is to recruit new staff; give appraisal of staff and promotion; record time ; attendance ; sickness; deal with staff grievances ; discipline; deal with community ; public relations as well as salary ; benefits.
The main jobs of training department are to perform training courses; plan staff training courses; assess staff’s skill capability; recruit apprentices and Trainees; sponsor staff education and liase with universities & colleges. In the Safety & Health department the main jobs are to assess strenuous tasks; maintain medical centre; record accidents & cause; educate staff in health; ensure safe working environment and to conform the company’s practice with legal standards.

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