Appendix 2:    Group Project: Paper and Presentation
Project Description:  The project involves an in-depth managerial analysis of a selected organization.  Each group will select an organization, analyze its management and decision practices by applying management concepts covered in the course and performing extra research as needed, and raise recommendations which can improve the performance of the organization. The project will be evaluated based on the qualities of; 1) an analysis paper and 2) an oral presentation. The analysis paper will be assed based on how well management concepts are applied, the thoroughness of analysis, and the logical flow in generating recommendations. The presentation will be evaluated based on the presentation materials submitted, oral presentation and answers to questions from the audience.
Paper Format:  The paper should be no longer than 8 typed pages(double spaced and 12 pt. font), not including references or an appendix.  The paper should be submitted one week before the actual presentations.  Please follow the suggested format of the paper below:
Contents & Discussion
Title, Name of organization studied, Names of Group  members, Dates
Describe how your group gathered and analyzed the information.  Methodologies may include literature survey, company’s promotional materials including website, industry analysis, employee interviews, and others which are relevant to the research.
Analyze and document the organization’s management practices based on four functions of management: Planning-Organizing-Leading-Controlling.  Issues and questions to be addressed are suggested as below.
–  Define and assess the organization’s goals, mission and strategy
–  Identify its customers (past, current, potential)
–  Describe its competitive environment by specifying competitors
–  How is the planning work performed and by whom in the organization? 
–  How is the organization structured? (formal structure & org chart)
–  Describe the decision-making process of the organization
–  It the organization considered mechanistic or organic?  Why?
–  Describe the ways the organization manages changes
–  Identify the leadership styles generally accepted and regarded in the organization?  Is there a leadership role model in the organization?
–  Assess the effectiveness of communications between levels in the organization. 
–  Evaluate the organization’s motivation and reward practices.  How do these contribute to improve employee performance?  
–  Describe the controlling practices in the organization (financial & operational controls)
–  Describe the organization’s usages of information systems in operations and decision making.  (e.g., ERP, SCM, CRM, HRM systems)  Do the employees or management team need for more computerized environment?  If then, which areas?
Summarize and document the results and findings of the analysis and research.
Present recommendations for the organization  
Add pages that list the sources used in the analysis and research
Attach any supplementary materials (e.g., charts, tables)

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