new module 1 illegal- unethical or both

In this course, we will examine the legal aspects of marketing first, then, we will examine the ethical aspects of marketing. Although this sequencing makes sense to allow us to dive into each topic, in reality, legal and ethical issues are often intertwined. There are no neon lights that let marketers know when the decision they’re facing has legal implications vs. ethical ones. In reality, marketing decisions require a constant awareness of both legal and ethical factors. For our first discussion, we will examine past corporate scandals and discuss whether the actions of the key players were illegal, unethical or both.
For your initial post, do the following:

Conduct research and find an example of a corporate scandal that was in the news in the past three years.
Summarize the details of the scandal.
Analyze the actions of the key players involved. What was done illegally? What was done unethically?
Share what you would have done in a similar situation.
Include a link to your source(s) in your initial post.

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new module 1 illegal- unethical or both
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