Nell, a 26-year-old single lady ends up deserted by her beau in Paris one day. The hotel where she booked her room at, she finds that the room she has saved has been twofold reserved and ends up imparting the space to an American lady. Since Nell is an uncertain lady, she feels tentative about remaining in Paris and thinks about returning home, yet she chooses to remain when she discovers two tickets to a craftsmanship appear, left behind by an American lady.
At the workmanship appear, Nell has a second experience with Fabian, a server and battling essayist whom she spilled her wine on the prior night. Discouraged over an ongoing separation and the loss of a large portion of his novel, that had been blown into the lanes of Paris the day preceding, Fabian winds up attracted to Nell when he recognizes her crying close to one of the canvases in the show. He approaches her out for an espresso, and she acknowledges. Here, the two associate sincerely and mentally, and Fabian requests that Nell go out with him that night to a bar where he is getting together with a couple of companions. Nell acknowledges.
Before going out, Nell goes to a close-by shop and purchases another outfit since she needs to appear “Parisian.” At that point Fabian grabs Nell and takes her on a tornado voyage through Paris, and later they go to different bars, drinking and moving. They spend the whole night together, and they in the long run travel on the Seine, which is Fabian’s dad’s watercraft, the Rose de Paris. Fabian reveals to Nell that is father’s business is enduring, and Nell recommends another strategy for success for the vessel, one outfitted towards giving sentimental, modified visits. Toward the beginning of the day, Fabian attempts to give Nell a kiss however, the two are hindered by the custodian of Nell’s inn. Fabian asks Nell to supper.

Meanwhile, Nell’s companions back in England have found that Nell’s beau, Peter, did not go on the outing since he needed to go out drinking with his companions. They constrain Peter on a plane that takes him to Paris.
Nell spends her day strolling the boulevards of Paris with no specific arrangement, which is exceptionally bizarre, as she is generally extremely strict about making a motivation and adhering to it. Before coming back to the lodging she purchases the green dress. Later, Fabian picks her up and they begin strolling to a yard where Fabian has sitting tight for them a private supper with one of his companions dressed like a server. In transit, Nell got the telephone call that Peter is at the lodging. She pardons herself, and Fabian surmises that it is her boyfriend.
At the hotel, Nell meets up with Peter, who is dressed carelessly and is hesitant to take Nell out to supper, expressing that he would want to have a snooze and room service. Nell is given a note by the attendant that clarifies that Peter had been constrained onto the plane by Nell’s companions. After perusing this, Nell leaves Peter.
Nell makes up for lost time with Fabian at a bar and the two rejoin and have an awesome time. Toward the night’s end, they go to Fabian’s condo, where Fabian peruses a few pages from a diary Nell has brought along, and Nell peruses pages of Fabian’s novel. Fabian informs Nell regarding another original thought he has, which has a fundamental character fundamentally the same as Nell. Nell likes his thought then, they kiss, and Nell spends the night. Toward the beginning of the day Fabian strolls Nell home and they part without an arrangement to get together once more.
A half year later, Nell gets an advancement at her activity. She is apathetic about it, and soon thereafter when she is giving an introduction to people keen on discovering work in her organization she closes the introduction by disclosing to them how dull corporate presence is. Later, Nell leaves the room, goes to the PC, and looks into Fabian’s dad’s watercraft. She finds that Fabian’s dad had utilized her thought and that the vessel has become extremely famous. Nell considers her mom on the telephone and advises her mother to meet her at the movement office.
Nell goes to Paris and sheets Fabian’s dad’s boat, yet Fabian isn’t there. Nell discloses to Fabian’s dad how she had succumbed to Fabian, and Fabian’s dad calls Fabian. While orbiting the city, they discover Fabian looking out for one of Seine’s scaffolds, and he hops into the pontoon. He reveals to Nell that he has a distributor for Fabian’s new novel. Nell questions him on how it closures and he reveals to her he let the characters choose. The book closes with Nell revealing to Fabian the amount she constantly enjoyed cheerful endings.

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