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Imagine that you are the CEO of a large, metropolitan, multispecialty health care organization located in an urban city within the United States. The health care organization is for-profit and privately held. The demographics of the surrounding area include military personnel, educators, government employees, professionals, factory workers, and laborers. With the recent and proposed changes in health care regulations and the uncertainty surrounding federal law (e.g., the Affordable Care Act), the organization must cut costs and reduce the number of full-time personnel. The board has asked you to create a bulleted Executive Summary of the key positions that must be retained within the organization and the positions that can be eliminated. Provide your opinion about how these personnel changes could impact quality and patient satisfaction.
Create a high-level 500–750-word Executive Summary for the board that provides a brief description of the health care organization, a list of applicable laws that must be considered if staff is to be reduced, and a list of both the positions that must be retained and those that may be eliminated.
Be sure to include the following:

A brief description of the health care organization
A list of applicable laws or regulations that must be considered
Recommendations regarding which positions may be eliminated and which cannot be eliminated
Opinion about how these personnel changes could impact quality and patient satisfaction
At least 2 outside scholarly sources, exclusive of your textbook

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Your textbook may be used as an additional source.

Always provide a Title page and References page—and these are not counted in your total assignment page count.

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