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The accompanying table shows the operating revenue, in millions of dollars, of wired and wireless telecommunications carriers in the United States in the given year.

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Need Assistance on How to Solve this. : My Essay Gram
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Year Wired Wireless
2005 205.7 140.0
2006 195.6 157.5
2007 197.0 173.8
2008 194.8 184.8

(a) Calculate the regression line for each type of carrier. (Let t be the time in years since 2005, R be the operating revenue of wired carriers and L be the revenue of wireless carriers. Round your regression parameters to two decimal places.) 

R =  Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect.
L =  Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect.

(b) Determine the revenue level at which the two lines cross. Round your answer for the revenue level to one decimal place.


______ million dollars

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