NCAA Case Study

Using the University of Hartsville Case study and the supplements from the NCAA found in the Case Study tab address the following questions in proper APA format: 
The 5 year strategic plan calls for:
1. 50% of teams break even in covering their expenses.
2. By year 5, reduce the athletic departments reliance on direct intuitional support by 15%.
This is year one of the strategic plan.  Forecast how you, as the director of athletics, will achieve these goals by 2022-2023.   You will again need to use the entire body of work that we have developed so far to answer these questions.  These are not questions that can be analyzed effectively in a few hours on Sunday afternoon.  You need to spend adequate time developing these plans.  I would like to see a year-by-year plan beginning with 2018-19 on what you will do each year.  Out of the box thinking is fine as long as it is reasonable (i.e. saying U of H will raise $5,000,000 is not reasonable if there is not history of that). 
Remember to use proper APA formatting and all writing should be in third person.  Make sure to include the title page and reference page.  If APA format is not followed, a point deduction will occur.  Provide at least 3 references for the assignment.

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NCAA Case Study
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