Native Americans-White Relations

AP US History DBQ: Native Americans-White Relations, 1800-1850 In the time period of 1800-1850 white Americans expanded across the vast lands on the western side of the continent and regularly encountered conflict with various Indian nations. In these documents, interactions for the various Indian nations were subjected to different cultivation between each tribe per say that there were responses that filled different needs and demands. Some tribes provided benefits such as agriculture and household manufacture and produced the idea that settlements to be blended and conform into one people.
Other interactions created conflict because some of our land purchases were not 100% in compliance with the constitution. Yet some Indian nations were highly influenced by leaders such as Tecumseh for which they understood his implied meanings with obedience and respect. These primary sources of information give a great insight to the goals of the whites and their encounters The businesses to furnish clothing and subsistence to the Indians became highly insufficient however the promotion of agriculture and household manufacture were essential.
The goals of the whites were to settle as uch land possible for their nation called for it with an exponentially increasing population. Acting upon a coincidence of interests these promotions will “enable them to live on much smaller portions of land, and, indeed, will render their vast forests useless” ex Doc. A. These forests found useless and disadvantageous for they are “learning to do better on less land, our increasing numbers will be calling for more land” ex Doc. A. In Ultimate concession the best possible outcome would be to “blend together, to intermix and become one people” for that we can continue xpansion without conflict.

Another response of the interactions was the idea that the Indians could be granted an annuity to guarantee growth towards the cultivation of their lands. The governor wished for the Native American populations to “become more civilized” ex Doc. B which called for grants from the government. Such examples would include an “annuity of five hundred dollars to procure the necessary articles for the purpose of enabling them to cultivate their lands” ex Doc. B. However these promotions and ideas were only a cover-up of that the “governor got them to ign a deed for their land without their knowledge”.
The chiefs considerer it out of consideration to that it was not in their power to do any such thing without consent from other nations. . The Chickasaw, Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole nations were the only 5 major tribes that were highly affected from the Indian removal acts and were forced into Indian reservations ex. Doc D. The Indians were highly influenced by Tecumseh and gave him immediate obedience and respect for he was an “uncommon genius, which spring up occasionally to produce revolutions or verturn the established order of things” ex Doc. C.
Yet due to the want vs. need for land the vicinity of the United States when Tecumseh died in the Battle of Thames from American forces. Tecumseh’s goal of establishing a independent Indian nation Mississippi river. In conclusion, the time period of 1800-1850 white Americans expanded across the western side of the continent encountered conflict and different interactions with various Indian nations. Popular belief believed that that to achieve an ultimate point of rest and happiness that they should share their settlements and lend together and become one people ex.
Doc. A. Chiefs would be shown imaginary annuities of five hundred dollars a year only to be fooled with the signing of the deed for their lands without their knowledge ex Doc. B. One of their only leaders Tecumseh, controlled implicit obedience and respect for when he died the Indian nations would not be represented into a independent nation west of the Mississippi river ex Doc C ; D. These interactions between whites and Indians in the time period were various for the needs and demands for the Indian nations so that we would continue the westward expansion.

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Native Americans-White Relations
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