I suggest using several pictures throughout your presentation.  Make sure to include at least one picture or graphic per section.  A powerpoint presentation looks dull with few pictures and a lot of text.
I suggest putting the heading of each category on or before the slides in that group, so I know what category each slide is in. 
Please follow the order that is listed below.  Make sure your slides stay in order.

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Part 1 – Introduction of Minority Group:  2 to 3 slides introducing the minority group.  This may include things like pictures,symbols, or any cultural characteristics representing the minority group you are researching.
Part 2 – Key Facts:  2 to 3 slides mentioning some of the relevant key facts outlined in the chapter or research.
Part 3 – History of Minority Group in the US:  2 to 3 slides describing the history of the minority group in the US. 
Part 4 – Relevant Legislation:  2 to 3 slides describing relevant legislation.
Part 5 – Population:  2 to 3 slides describing the population of the minority group in the US. 
Part 6 – Education, Employment, and Earnings:  2 to 3 slides describing the education levels, employment, and earnings of the minority group.
Part 7 – Stereotypes:  2 to 3 slides describing the stereotypes associated with this minority group in the US. 
Part 8 – Strengths:  2 to 3 slides describing some strengths of this minority group.
Part 9 – Reference Slide:  Please conclude your presentation with a reference slide.

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