Music327 World Music

Please see the end of the Course Outline for general information about this project, which results in a research paper worth 20% of your grade.

Your project must include some contact with a live musician or group of musicians or others involved with music in your community (see text pp. 365-366). Your proposal should be a brief (50 words or so) outline of your topic. A topic is narrower than a subject (see text p. 369). It needs to be defined fairly clearly to guide you in your investigation and to help you organize your material.
For example, here’s a subject that is too broad: Music in Vietnamese Churches in Stockton. An acceptable topic might be: The Use of Traditional Instruments in a Vietnamese Church in Stockton. Many others are possible, but it’s usually worse to pick a topic that is too broad than one that is too narrow. Questions? Email me. And submit your project proposals in the courses as a Word attachment. Thanks!
Please access the Research Project Guidelines and Grading Rubric in the Course Resources section of this course for additional information on this assignment.
Click on the “Week Four Assignment – Field Research Proposal” link above to submit your assignment, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

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Music327 World Music
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Field Research Project:

This is a documented study of a topic selected by the student which explores a musician or musicians involved in live music-making in the student’s community and residing within the community. A few examples of such musicians are: a local Mariachi group, a local blues band, a local high school madrigal choir, a local drum and bugle corps, a local church choir, a local folksinger, a local Japanese drum group, a local Hindusthani classical music ensemble, etc. The research project is generally described in the text book on pages 365 and 366 as “A third approach…” and “A fourth approach…” Please read these pages carefully!
The topic you select must be approved by the instructor (see course schedule). A research paper of approximately 1,500 words with documentation and format in MLA style is required. This paper should be submitted in the course as a Word document attachment. RTF files are acceptable, but WordPerfect documents cannot be accommodated.

While an interview or interviews with musicians are expected as the major source of information for this report, a transcript of the interview is not required and is not sufficient for this project. At least one other documented source of information, such as a relevant book, article, or Internet site, is required. Attending a performance or a rehearsal by the subject musicians is highly recommended.

Your paper should be written in complete sentences and should describe your subject’s musical style, history, influence, future plans, repertoire and your personal comments. A recording, photograph or other non-verbal documentation is not required. A detailed grading rubric for this project is provided in the Syllabus area.
Research Project Grading Rubric

Project Definition (15 points)

name of performer(s) or ensemble (4)
location (3)
description of interview(s) (when, where, who, how, etc.) (5)
cultural identity of music (3)

Biography/History of performer(s) or ensemble (10 points)

training (5)
musical influences (5)

Style and Repertoire (15 points)

music genre(s) (3)
selected repertoire (music titles) (5)
instrumentation (3)
amplification, electronic techniques, if any (2)
musical goals (2)

Performances (15 points)

typical venues (3)
description of live or typical performance (5)
recordings, if any (2)
impact on community (5)

Writing Standards (See also COLS Grading Standards) (25 points)

focus, content, subject matter (8)
organization and coherence (7)
sentence and paragraph structure (5)
grammar and punctuation (5)

Format/Mechanical Matters (20 points)

MLA style (5)
sources (2)
black ink, 12-point type, 1,500 words (3)
on time (10)

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