Multiple Choice Test on Visual Basic

Question 1 2 / 2 points
The ____ function displays an input dialog box, which is one of the standard dialog boxes available in Visual Basic.

A)  InputBox
B)  DialogBox
C)  OutputBox
D)  ShowBox

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Multiple Choice Test on Visual Basic
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Question 2 2 / 2 points
A variable that has block scope can be used ____.

A)  within the procedure in which it is declared
B)  only within the statement block in which it is declared
C)  within any statement blocks in the program
D)  within any procedures in the program

Question 3 2 / 2 points
All expressions containing a comparison operator will result in a(n) ____ answer.

A)  floating-point
B)  integer
C)  true or false
D)  string

Question 4 2 / 2 points
When using the Select Case statement, the data type of the ____ must be compatible with the data type of the selectorExpression.

A)  Case expression
B)  Case Else clause
C)  instructions
D)  expressions

Question 5 2 / 2 points
The expression 1 To 5 in the Case 1 To 5 clause specifies the range of numbers from ____.

A)  2 to 5, inclusive
B)  2 to 4, inclusive
C)  1 to 4, inclusive
D)  1 to 5, inclusive

Question 6 0 / 2 points
In situations where the selection structure has many paths from which to choose, it is often simpler and clearer to code the selection structure using the ____ statement.

A)  Select Case
B)  Begin/End
C)  If/Then
D)  Do/Loop

Question 7 2 / 2 points
The ____ in a flowchart represents the multiple-alternative selection structure’s condition.

A)  circle
B)  diamond
C)  square
D)  triangle

Question 8 0 / 2 points
If and for how long the instructions are repeated in a repetition structure is determined by the ____.

A)  if condition
B)  loop exit statement
C)  loop determinant
D)  loop condition

Question 9 2 / 2 points
____ means to assign a beginning value to the counter or accumulator.

A)  Imprinting
B)  Baselining
C)  Selecting
D)  Initializing

Question 10 2 / 2 points
To prevent a text box from accepting an inappropriate character, you first use the ____ parameter’s KeyChar property to determine the pressed key.

A)  t
B)  a
C)  e
D)  p

Question 11 0 / 2 points
To include two groups of radio buttons in an interface, at least one of the groups must be placed within a ____, such as a group box, panel, or table layout panel.

A)  Case
B)  structure
C)  container
D)  statement

Question 12 0 / 2 points
The number of choices the user can select in a list box is controlled by the list box’s ____ property.

A)  SelectionItem
B)  SelectionMode
C)  SelectionVariable
D)  Selection

Question 13 2 / 2 points
A(n) _____ decision is always made by an outer selection structure.

A)  dynamic
B)  static
C)  primary
D)  secondary

Question 14 2 / 2 points
You add a radio button to a form using the ____ tool in the toolbox.

A)  RadioButton
B)  Radio
C)  Button
D)  RadioTool

Question 15 0 / 2 points
You use the ____ method to convert a string to uppercase.

A)  Upper
B)  ConvertUpper
C)  ParseUpper
D)  ToUpper

Question 16 2 / 2 points
You use the ____ keyword when you know only one end of a range (either the upper or lower end).

A)  Is
B)  All
C)  To
D)  From

Question 17 2 / 2 points
A(n) ____ decision is always made by a nested selection structure.

A)  static
B)  dynamic
C)  primary
D)  secondary

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