you are responsible for the reading and you are expected to find a product and write a positioning statement to discuss and submit on Monday. The statement should be no more that 1 page. With the behavioral theories bullet pointed  

Such as

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Positioning Statement: To weight conscious women 32-45 Quaker Rice Cakes are the Bread Substitute that Will fill you out not up

Target Audience (TA)- Theories Size Siffucienc Stability- This group is growing in numbers, focuses on weight and at 30,000,000 represents a substantial business opportunity. These people are really focused on appearance (motives) and can be accessed via print (hi involvement and TV (peripheral route to persuasion)

Frame of Reference (FOR) This product has little purchase risk (physical, financial, social) and Quaker will use the peripheral routs to persuasion. TV therefore will be used extensively and highly visual presentations made to demonstrate product use results. Classical conditioning will be used (Hi message frequency GRP’s

Unique Point of Difference – UPD Here quaker will use stimulus generalization to identify any quaker product as high quality and stimulus discrimination to talk about product differences.

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