MIS Response

Discussion 8
by Greeshma Chiluka
 With the continued rise of the handheld device usage, mobile commerce continues to rise rapidly. Many customers use their mobile devices and connect to the Internet, and internet traffic usage of mobile devices is more than the regular desktop usage. The convenience of mobile usage led to a speedy increase in sales using mobile. A recent study mentions that mobile commerce will represent a $79 billion market in 2016, and will make up 45% of all e-commerce by 2020.
            The mobile market is growing rapidly every year. With over 50 percent of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices, the businesses should maximize their mobile commerce opportunities. The company needs to hire an expert who can develop their website and follow the latest trends in the market.
            Many retailers think that a mobile app is required to optimize their sales. That is not really the case as the browsers in the mobile devices are very advanced that they can use the website with ease without having the need for a mobile app. The companies should consider the website as a primary product and the mobile as an additional feature. The companies should have an IT team to update the website regularly to improve their e-commerce opportunities. The companies should also monitor the website regularly for any errors and bugs. Just by focusing on adding new functionality and not cleaning the existing code will slow down the performance of the websites. Connectivity using mobiles is usually slow compared to the wired desktops, so if the website becomes huge, then mobile version becomes unresponsive resulting in loss of mobile customers. It is nice to have advanced functionality on the desktop version of the website but it is ideal to turn off some of these features to improve performance in mobile mode.
The usage of mobile e-commerce is increasing day by day as it is very convenient for customers to shop on the go. So to increase the sales and recover from the losses the business should build a robust website for desktop usage and add all the required features but it should also develop an efficient mobile version that is fast to use and easy to navigate.

Read the above discussion, you have to respond to it and write 150 words.

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