Megatrends Economics

I have attached a powerpoint of the megatrends and I need to add/edit info from it.try be creative, especially for economist its interesting to make this tiny research.
I have attached a powerpoint of the megatrends and I need to add/edit info from it.
I recommend to find a megatrend to invest in Indonesia.

As per our discussion on the megatrends, kindly start your search on
·  Facts
·  Figures
·  Statistics
That we can support our megatrends with, kindly note that you will have to provide us with the source of every fact you present, and it has to be a credible source, international organizations, research houses and so on (ex; World Bank, IMF, WHO, Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, McKinsey and any other relevant organization).
Our search should include but not limited to;
·  Facts on Tech and sustainability
·  Facts on the Fourth industrial revolution (datafication, block chain, AI, social media etc..
·  Facts on sleeping giant and emerging markets
·  Facts Belt and Road (the new silk rout)
·  Facts on Africa and its power (population, income, etc..)
·  Highlight new sectors related to sustainability  (ex. Energy storage)
·  Facts on the middleclass and how its changing the economy and business direction
·  Latest world population figures including aging, megacities, etc..
·  Find ways and facts that should link all megatrends with technology
·  Don’t forget Oman. 
·  You might add any finding that you find relevant to the megatrends or any additional megatrend you might find interesting and can back it with strong facts and figures
We should have the facts search complete by July 29th
and during your search, any interesting infographic or chart you can save and share with the rest.

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