marketing 8 pages paper

The individual paper is designed for you to utilize the concepts of global marketing and determine an appropriate country for your product/ company to enter. This assignment will be posted in the assignments section of the course. The paper should be a minimum of 8 pages not including references but no more than 10.  This paper is due by 04/26. I grade based on content not length so do not worry too much about the length.
Guidelines for the paper:


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marketing 8 pages paper
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This section should clearly state the 2-3 countries you are interested in and the name of the company or product that you are looking to expand to into it. It is best for the product/ company to be fictitious since this will allow you to focus more on the global aspect of the assignment and not get caught up in the product/ company. The U.S. cannot be one of your countries.  

Company/ Product information

Describe in detail the product/ company that you are going to introduce on a global level and explain why you chose this company/ product. This is not a detailed section since the product/ company is fictitious

Region/Country information/ Research

Conduct research on each of the countries you have chosen with respect to the different aspects you would consider in global marketing, such as tariffs, quotas, infrastructure etc… This section needs to be organized using the 4 factors in assessing global markets. You can use tables in this section but the entire section cannot be 1 table. You MUST use the 4 factors in assessing global markets found in the textbook.  

Then using the steps for entering a global market, compare and contrast the 2-3 countries and then discuss how you would select the one country to enter from these 2-3 countries. 

This section should be the bulk of your paper. 


In this section, explain why you think that your company/ product would be successful in this region/ country. You need to select one country or none.
You are not required to utilize the section headings in your paper however you may do so if you wish to. 

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