Management Policy And Strategy


Identified the company, business unit, and product and provided a thorough synopsis on the current state of the business unit in the international marketplace by conducting extensive research.

1.Identified the markets in which the business unit currently operates. 2

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Management Policy And Strategy
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2.Reported on the financial health of the business unit by reviewing annual reports and quarterly financial statements.

3.Analyzed the vision, mission, and value statements ofthe company. Explained and critiqued each statement. Explained the pros and cons of each statement, and noted any recommended improvements based on research.

A.Within chosen business unit, identified a product line and conducted extensive research on the product line to become familiar with it. 

1.Provided a brief synopsis of chosen product line. 

2.Provided details, noting important factors like the brand, product features and benefits, and other important marketing factors in detail

B.Conduct research on your chosen international market

1.Explained why market was chosen and explained the strategic options the company has for entering this market.

2.Explained why there is a need for chosen product in chosen international market.

3.Used a minimum of two analysis tools to understand chosen market and the opportunities that exist for business unit and parent company.

4.Explained the pros and cons of entering chosen international market.

C.Based on an analysis of chosen business unit, would a multidomestic strategy, a global strategy, or a transnational strategy be most appropriate if chosen company plans on expanding into this new market? Explained in detail. 

D.Generally forecasted the necessary resources business unit will need to enter chosen market (finances, capital assets, labor, logistics, etc.)

E.Developed SMART goals that will drive business unit to successfully enter chosen international market

F.Determined if there are strategic advantages to global sourcing, production, and logistics of the products in chosen business unit in relation to chosen strategy?

G.Is an alliance, joint venture, acquisition, or merger with foreign companies necessary from chosen business unit to enter a foreign market? Explained in detail

H.Identified and explained the value chain relationships between the chosen business unit and the other business units within the company

1.Explained how diversification strategies can produce cross-business strategic fit capable of delivering competitive advantage for business unit.

2.Evaluated chosen company’s diversification strategy

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