“Macroevolution”   Who is related to whom? How do species evolve? What has happened in geological time? This lesson focuses on macroevolution and the processes that explain it. It begins on location at a paleontological site in the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming. A key question of macroevolution is, “What distinguishes a species?” This leads to taxonomy and discussion of the two main approaches to classification: evolutionary systematics and cladistics. In the second segment, two different species concepts are mentioned—the biological species concept, which is the most commonly used definition, and the ecological species concept. In the third segment, the immense time span involved with macroevolution is examined, continental drift and its effects are explained, and the characteristics of mammals are illustrated. The video returns to the paleontological site in the Big Horn Basin, where researchers are seen excavating.

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Choose one topic.  See Ch. 5 in conjunction with the lesson. Use ppt slides.

a. Discuss the place & importance of fossils in understanding the idea of evolution. [See also ch. 9 at p. 200+ regarding the geological time scale.]

b. In light of this lesson, discuss the terms homology, analogy, and derived vs. ancestral characteristics.

While responding to the dvd lesson, you may refer to the chapter reading as necessary. Make sure to focus your post on the video lesson content. Quote or make explicit references to what the big name commentators say in the lesson.  Don’t forget those definitions.

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