Long shore Drift

The managed section of the beach will be affected more than the unmanaged section from longshore drift and thus cause coastal erosion.
My intentions are to carry out an investigation, which will determine the affects of longshore drift. The investigation itself will be broken into two different parts, these being the affect of longshore drift on a managed section, which has groynes to trap sediment, thus forming a protective beach. I will assess these areas before continuing with any data collection, when we had discovered a managed.
I understand that longshore drift is an important coastal process as it is related to the transportation and deposition of sediment and how either erosion occurs by abrasion or attrition or hydraulic action.

‘How does human management have an affect on the process of longshore drift?’
I can expand on this question to create four sub-questions:
What affects does longshore drift have on the managed coastline?
What affects does longshore drift have on the unmanaged coastline?
How do management techniques such as groynes affect longshore drift?
What effects are there on the unmanaged section of the coastline?
The methods below are to help me answer the purpose of the investigation.
Field Sketches or Photos
Pencil and Paper and computer
* Simply involves annotating relevant sketches drawn by programs on computer.
Why is it necessary?
It provides an in depth, detailed outlook of the area under study. It is also a good source
* It is simple to achieve but it can account for explanation of my ideas.
* This method needs a basic requirement of equipment.
* The sketch must be accurate otherwise the examiner will not understand what I am explaining.
* Photos obtained from computer may be inaccurate
In areas with great importance to parts of coastline under study
Questionnaire, eleven relevant questions and pen.
* Ask people around the vercinity the questions.
* Record the answers on the database as part of a group collection.
Why is it necessary?
It acquires the opinions of the public to how effective management techniques and how problems can be improved.
* It collects a wide range of views from different opinions.
* The results can be moulded into different forms of representations of data.
* Some people may refuse to or do not have the time to answer the questionnaires; some may not be sure and may guess the answer.
I will take samples on the seafront and in the town centre.
Analysis of Sediment Flow
Tennis ball
* Place each one in the swash zone of the sea.
* Monitor the movement over a period of time and record their direction and distance traveled.
Why is it necessary?
This is simply to discover the impact of longshore drift on the coastline and its sediment.
* It shows the direction and speed of longshore drift.
* It is an easy method to accomplish.
* It is time consuming.
* If there is little longshore drift, then the movement of the ball is limited.
Beach Profile
Ranging Poles, clinometer, measuring tape and record sheet
* Place poles on ground so that they do not penetrate.
* Apply clinometer to section on pole and measure angle that the clinometer records.
* Record results for each 2m interval on a longitudinal plain.
Why is it necessary?
By carrying out this investigation, I can see to what extent sediment build up is occurring and link my conclusions to longshore drift.
* It shows how the beach differentiates in slow gradient.
* The method is very time consuming
* The angle of negative or positive elevation may contain an error of judgment.
Both sides of the groyne in a managed section

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