Litrl201 Juan

 For this week’s forum I have decided to speak on Don Quixote’s character and how I feel about him. As I read through the story, for one the makeup of the way the story was written made it hard to follow until I noticed how they began to describe him. As a character, my initial analysis of him was that of an insane man who suffered from a mental disorder such as schizophrenia or some other delusional brain disease. This can be seen on Don Quixote’s tendencies to transform everyday people he would meet or objects into imaginary beings or creatures and how he would “battle” them as the knight he believed he was. But as the story went on, I started to believe that he was the only sane one there in his perspective and all others were the insane. This can be seen with characters like Sampson, he took on a character of himself in order to fight back against Don Quixote. Also the Duke and Duchess were seen to believe that the people and stories the Don portrayed were actually closer to what they believed as well. Towards the end of the story I still agree that he was the sane one because of his beliefs being more in line with what we call “normal” closer to his death. I feel a sense of sorrow for a man like Don Quixote, because I believe he had a hard time coming to a grasp on what reality really was until his death. People either tried to influence his perspective of what was real either away from what he believed of agreed to it, so it would make it hard for one person to fully believe or understand what reality is. 

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Litrl201 Juan
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