Linear Multiple Regression : My Essay Gram

Linear Multiple Regression

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Linear Multiple Regression : My Essay Gram
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This week, you have expanded on your knowledge of multiple regression to work with linear multiple regression. In this Application, you will perform a linear multiple regression analysis.


To prepare for this Application:


  • Review Chapter 8 of the Field text for a description of the linear multiple regression and an example of conducting a linear multiple regression using PASW.
  • Review Chapter 5 from the APA manual, “Displaying Results.”
  • Review the media resources demonstrating the linear multiple regression.

The assignment:

Complete Smart Alex’s Task #5 on p. 355 to complete the linear multiple regression analysis using the Child Aggression.sav dataset from the Field text. However, use only the variables Aggression (DV), and test to see if Sibling Aggression is a mediator of the relationship between Parenting Style and Aggression or whether Sibling Aggression is a moderator of the relationship.


You can follow the steps outlined on pp. 331–354 as a guide. Report your findings in APA format according to the guidelines in the PASW Application Assignment Guidelines handout. The final document should be 23 pages long.

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