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AN ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL B-SCHOOL MARKS: 80 Information Technology N. B. : 1)Attempt any sixteen questions questions carries equal marks. 1. 2. 3. What are the characteristics of a technologically enabled organization? How does an Organization acquire & disseminal knowledge? Why do you suppose inquiry – only applications were developed instead of fully on lines system? 4. 5. What kind of technology is least flexible? Most flexible? How does strategic planning differ between a firm that offers services & one that manufacturers a product?
Is there a difference in the impact of technology on strategy in any two types of firms? 6. What kind of business activities do you think are most amenable to common systems in different countries? 7. What kind of programs do you think are likely to make the most use of floating – point instructions? 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Distinguish between computer hardware & software which most concerns a manager? What kind of software does a server for a local area network need to have? What is OLAP? How does it contribute to the organization?
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Why are standards so important in communications? What industries are most likely able to take advantage EDI? Are there applications where it does not matter if multiple databases are simultaneously updated? 14. Most organizations today have computers and software, all of which are supposed to work on a network, from different Vendors? What are the potential problems with using products from many different sources? .. 2.. 15. What are the differences in design for multi-user system versus a personal system on a pc? )All 16. Does a system have to use the most modern technology to be successful? Why or why not? Are there disadvantages to utilizing the most up-to-date technology? 17. 18. 19. Why should one insist on a demonstration of a package? What is a spaghetti organization? How can you transform a huge firm like General Motors with the help of information technology? 20. How more user development eventually eliminates the need for professional systems analysis and programmers? 21. 22. 3. 24. How can a company use multimedia today? How does one go about identifying the expert to be used in developing an expert system? Describe how a virus actually works? What kind of files does it want to infect? What kind of changes does information technology either create or facilitate within and between organizations? What other changes are associate with IT? 25. What are the drawbacks of work place monitoring? Why management might wants to monitor worker productivity?

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