Leadership vs. Management essay

Management is defined and built on constructive theories by well known Management Gurus such as Peter F.Drucker, and many other emerging or contemporary management writers.  Management theory is always researched, tested and after successful results, is implemented in organizations which is why,  management is also called management science.  Leadership carries a separate identity that works beyond the capacity of management,  whereas management carries leadership qualities.
Leadership is somewhat authoritative having followers to its side, whereas management maintains subordinates who listen to management by virtue of being holding a higher position either in job or in some other capacity belonging to an organisation. Managers think in soft skills whereas leaders are at time prove radical and even dictatorial, who believe firmly and ratify whether or not pre-emptive to be true.   Managers possess all kind of potential abilities, skills, academic theories of management, work experience which shapes managers into a diplomatic,  situation-oriented individuals to act according to the breeze of atmosphere in an organization and to that effect, manager takes swing to that side.
This does not mean that managers are very clever or uncomfortable individuals, whereas the position of manager is such that it requires certain to-be-dealt-with situations and this does not necessarily lower the image of a manager to act unethically as the matters are to be resolved in an apt manner.  A manager takes a short-term decision whereas a leader takes a long-term decision.  Well known quote “Managers do things right, while leaders do the right things”  which gives a fact that managers are required to follow company’s policy, while leaders form policies.

Manager  paves the way for creation of goodwill, loyalty, ethics, motivation, skill development, training for subordinates to learn, get trained and adhere to the company rules. Manager exercises almost every management tool to bring a situation to the order whereas leader has followers whether it is a hardship or an easy way, people easily get carried away by the intentions of a leader which may hold good or bad according to the scenario, time and period.  Many a times leaders too have to face contradictions, criticisms, negative results until the realities are proved and for checking veracity,  essential ingredient is time and investigation.
Leader is always chosen among a few whereas a manager is selected among many and both the positions carry diversified activities. Leaders always expect to listen and obey whereas managers explain both the negative and positive impact to the people, and instruct to undertake the necessary step for producing positive results to the benefit of organization.  Manager never acts on personal interest, whereas a leader has no limitations either in personal conduct or in view of others, a complete detailed discussion is made about the total issue,  and stay committed to the demands that are to be met with.
Manager keeps an account of every step of system of working which means, every move in an organization is known to a manager in an organization. This provides another fact that a manager knows how to handle people, organization behavior, culture and systems of working areas.
If both the positions of manager or leader are compared at a greater length,  manager always practice certain limitations and may not possess adequate courage to take initiative step in decision making whereas once a leader identifies a situation, with the motive of solving a situation, takes a bold step and brings the entire organisation to order in spite of knowing the fact that organization does not permit to act beyond certain limitations and in such occasions, the role of a leader is identified who acts with wisdom and knowledge.
Manager may not fit to be a leader, whereas a leader can always fit into the role of manager with the fact that, leader in the disguise of manager can get on and manage people in an efficient manner and it is here important for the organization to check whether a leader is producing positive results or negative results.  This is because, managers are expected to produce positive results only whereas leaders may or may not prove to fit in every organization and this has to be verified.  Building or gaining faith among people is one of the important aspect either for management or for leadership.
A manager is always transactional whereas a leader is transformational.  Manager works for attractive pay package whereas for a leader  monetary benefit is only a means to a make living. Managers,  when subordinates act in a dominant manner to much disliking,  may find some unethical way to terminate subordinates from organization by eavesdropping or by spreading rumors or any other kind of uncivilized elements of management.
A good manager is very difficult to find when most of the companies are looking for good managers.  Managers in all sectors take things for granted and never bother to care for people until some kind of benefit in return is made. Managers are very calculative although the position of a manager is quite appealing and rewarding to an organization, organizations commit mistakes by being unfair to good managers which must be reinstated here that good managers can never be replaced and experienced good mangers who hold a considerable tenure in an organization may prove beneficial to organizations.
For any reason, manager or a leader, it is good to continuously keep progress in all aspects of an organization, i.e. relationship with subordinates and senior management, organizational clients, customers in order to keep a transparency of all the matters that come to the desk of manager or leader, as transparency removes all disputes, conflicts and solves many hurdles in an organization.
Learning to say NO is one of best principles in an organization, with the fact that every individual carries certain limited strength beyond which one cannot act and if a manager or leader learns to say YES for every issue, the work cannot be delegated to others and in this manner, completion of tasks or projects are completed in a slow process.  Delegation of authority, responsibility, trust in other people’s work, a belief in the work of efficient employees,  are some of the essential elements for organizational growth to expand in terms of work and organizational culture.  Providing adequate training,  motivation, performance evaluation, rewards, incentives are some of the best techniques to retain employees which are very understood by a good manager.
Dale Carnegie in “How to make friends and influence people” quotes “when you have a lemon, make a lemonade”  which states that understand that one can never change the world and it is good to change oneself according to the environment or atmosphere one is put up with.  If a manager runs a hare race, tortoise wins like a leader and this must be remembered always in every principle that acting in an apt manner is essential irrespective of the situation one is in while adhering to all the principalities of an organization.
Conclusively, management and leadership can never be contradicted with and must go interdependently applying the qualities of manager or leader wherever required and this must be verified with.
The difference between management and leadership
Leadership vs management
Accessed 31 October, 2007

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