Langston Hughes and His Activity Impact

He wrote poetry and short fiction for the Belfry Owl, the school’s literary gagging, and edited the school yearbook. It was the summer of 1919 when he visited his father in Mexico for the first time. That visit proved to almost be his moral demise b cause his father was materialistic and, ironically was prejudiced against blacks, Mexicans, and Indians. He thought of them as lazy and ignorant. This changed Hughes perception of hi myself and other minorities.
When Hughes graduated from high school in 1 920, he returned to Mexico, where he taught English for a year and wrote poems and literature pieces for publication in the Crisis, the magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people In the early sass, Hughes worked as a dishwasher boy in Paris. One year late r, he enrolled at the Columbia University in New York. His freshman year, he droop deed out of college and worked a series of odd jobs to support his mother. In 1 923 Hughes Signs d on as a cabin boy on a merchant freighter en route to West Africa.
In 1 925 he resettled with his mother and half brother in D. C. While continuing his writing and poetry. In 1 925 in May and Au just, Hughes verses garnered him literary prizes from both Opportunity magazine and the Crisis. Four months later, Hughes worked as a busboy at a Washington D. C. Hotel, and attracted t he attention of the poet, Vacate Lindsay, by placing three of his poems on his dinner table. Later on that evening, Lindsay read his poems to an audience and announced his discovery of a ” En grog busboy poet”. Photographers and reports were eagerly wanting to meet him the next day.

His friends, family, and other writers inspired Hughes to write. His style of Poe try, is free verse. One of my favorite poems by Hughes is called Dreams. Some other one s that he wrote that people best know him for are “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, and “l too Sing A America”. In 1930, Hughes got a Harmon Gold Medal for Literature. In 1948 he got Honorary Doc tort of Letters, Lincoln University, and also got his PHD. Longboats Hughes died on May 22, 1 967, in New York. He has inspired a great deal of us, including Alice Walker who wrote an illustrated book about him.

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Langston Hughes and His Activity Impact
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