Lab – Vitamins Log & Analysis (Due in 24hrs)

During week 3, you completed a detailed food and fluid log for 2 days and analyzed your intake using the MyPlate application to assess how well you met dietary guidelines for macronutrients. This week, you will be using the same food and beverage logs to assess how well your vitamin intake meets dietary recommendations. SEE ATTACHMENT

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Lab – Vitamins Log & Analysis (Due in 24hrs)
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Analyze your nutrient intake using the MyFitnessPal Tracker (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Enter the information from the reports you generate into your Vitamin Tracking ChartPreview the document. Make sure to include this chart in your lab write up!

Reflection Questions: (Add your responses at the end of the Tracking Chart)

  1. For which vitamins did you meet or exceed the recommended daily intake level? What enabled you to meet dietary recommendations for these vitamins?
  2. For which vitamins were you below the recommended daily intake level if any? Why do you think you failed to meet RDI levels for these vitamins?
  3. What specific changes can you make to your diet to increase your intake for each of the vitamins that you were deficient in? (Make sure that you break down this response vitamin by vitamin, rather than providing a generic response.)
  4. What did you learn from completing this lab?

Make sure you respond to all the questions THOROUGHLY. Include the results from your MyPlate analysis, as well as the table above in your write up. Include references for all sources used.

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