Ketogenic Accelerator Review

All carbohydrates are broken down into glucose during digestion. Unlike simple carbohydrates complex carbs are broken down into glucose more slowly and will provide you with a gradual, steady stream of energy throughout the day. This will also help you to control mood fluctuations also by stabilizing your blood sugar.

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Ketogenic Accelerator Review
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Natural complex carbohydrates provide many of the vitamins and minerals that we need and are an excellent source of fiber. So, when eaten, complex carbs are broken down and used to support the functioning of different parts of the body. The fiber cleanses our internal organs and the vitamins are sent out through the blood stream for later use. On the other hand, refined (simple) carbs, found in many processed foods, tend to be devoid of fiber and other nutrients. When you eat these foods, the body can’t use any of it’s raw materials and so it is simply converted into body fat. This is true even if the calorie count is lower in the simple carb than in the similar complex carb product. Complex carbohydrates will also fill you up and keep you full longer. Here are some of the more common complex carbs:

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