Jewish World in the Modern Era Final Paper

Each student will be required to write a research paper on any subject, theme, topic, or period covered in the readings from week 5 to week 12.  The paper should be double spaced, 5 pages in length, and contain source notes
Attached is class syllabus to see what was discussed in week 5 through 12 as well as the associated documents from those weeks. 

My topic can you write about is Jewish Influence in Soviet Union before, during and shortly after the holocaust. I attached those weeks documents but you can also pull from other sources you find online. Feel free to do a loose response to the question and add facts that you may find online which are not in the documents. Make sure you focus on a topic similar to the question at hand though, doesn’t have to be the exact topic I suggested as long as it is related and a specific topic. 

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Jewish World in the Modern Era Final Paper
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Paper should answer:
jewish life and significance of Judaism in the soviet union before the holocaust. their life leading up and during the holocaust, and the life shortly after the holocaust.

There will be interesting documents and facts online that you should add but please also source some from the documents below. 

Must cite. 

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