IT free

The purpose of this assignment is to enlighten you on the pervasiveness of information 
technology (IT) in your daily lives. Select any two consecutive days to go IT-free. This means, 
on these two consecutive days, beginning from the time you wake up on day 1 to the time you go 
to bed at night on day 2, abstain from using any information technology i.e. computers, cell 
phones, tablets, video games, listening devices etc. Make sure you inform your family and 
friends about the days you will be going offline in advance and share the contact information of a 
friend or a room-mate in case of emergency.  

1.   Briefly describe how you prepared for this day?
2.   Describe in detail the strategies you used to abstain from information technology. Make 
sure you comment on why certain strategies worked and why others did not work, if any. 
3.   Describe in detail how you spend your time offline?
4.   Based on your two days of experience, what do you think are the benefits, if any, of 

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IT free
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