Is Facebook boosting or hindering communication

Is Facebook boosting or hindering communication? Facebook is the most famous commonly used social media. It has become the preferred method for keeping in touch with people. Almost every young person has at least one Facebook account. However useful it might be in social life and education, Facebook brought about a set of new barriers and threats in these areas. There is an irony in the sense that social media, like Facebook, has the ability to make us less social.
Doubtless it may be stimulating to feel so connected with others, and et there is no way to deny that underneath this feeling, there is a sense of emptiness. Robin Sharma agrees with that fact in his book The Greatness Guide by saying that the more we are electronically connected, the more we are emotionally disconnected. In other words, while people spend many hours of their days on Facebook chatting, posting status and wishing happy birthdays and engagements to one another, they forget about the importance of conversation in the traditional way.
They completely forget about the effectiveness of sitting to dinner with the family or hanging out with friends. In a word, Facebook is gradually robbing people of what distinguishes them as human beings. Not only does Facebook make us less social, but also sometimes conveys a completely different reality about its users. Anyone can hide behind Facebook posts, giving any image they want about themselves and creating an illusion about their personality. They can be whoever they want, depending on the fact that their audiences have no hoice but to be confused, having no verbal communication.

So, our only real method of communication is through voice-to-voice or face-to-face communication. It is only through this way that when one hears a tone of voice or looks into someone’s eyes, they are able to know when “l am okay” does not mean they are okay at all. Thus, without any means of communication but phrases, abbreviations, snippets and emoticons on Facebook, one can never be sure whether these things are accurate representations of the truth.
As for education, students, no doubt, owe Facebook a lot for facilitating their education process, but still it is a main contributor to the failure of many of them. Although Facebook plays a role in breaking the ice between colleagues in schools or universities, it wastes much of their time in chatting about trivial matters. It is true Facebook helps students keep updated with the latest news about their studies, even if they are absent from schools or universities.
But student rumourmongers ruin verything by spreading so much false news that any news by any student is subject to suspicion, which turns the advantage into a disadvantage. This way Facebook is more of a waste of time for students. Facebook. Now compare this time to the time you spend in real life with your family, friends and your colleagues at school, university or work. Try to make the decision of making the best use of Facebook and try to avoid as many of its disadvantages as possible. Out of my own experience, the time and relations you are going to revive are worth giving a try.

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Is Facebook boosting or hindering communication
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