Instructions are attached to the word document below.

Read the story in the links attached below and write a (4 pages maximum,  Arial 12 font, double spaced, MLA style) explaining the below questions:

  • I want you to delve deeper into the story. What lesson, moral, or universal truth is the author leading readers to?
  • What I really want you to show me is that you have an understanding of, and can give examples by name, (without re-telling the story)
  • Foreshadowing?
  • What kinds of Conflicts do you see? in other words, what’s driving the narrative (antagonist vs protagonist)?
  • Is there heavy use of Symbolism?
  • How many kinds of Irony can you identify (in its different forms)?
  • Is there heavy use of Motif?
  • Themes (what are the main ideas driving the narrative)?
  • Read “between the lines” and interpret what you think the story really means, or what philosophical ideas or universal truths the author is using the story to discuss.

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Instructions are attached to the word document below.
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