infotech in a global economy

Privacy: by installing residential smart meters there are privacy and security threats
smart meters can reveal the activities inside a house by analyzing the data from a individual house (time they shower, use electricity, gas) which can mislead to authorized or unauthorized access. Even land lords can use this information for any malicious activities. personal behavioral patterns can be tracked and this could lead to targeted home invasions. The system should allow the users to know which information is being used, how is it maintained and how else can see those details.
correctness : installation of smart meters started raising the concerns of public health effects and also increase in billing errors. These system should guarantee the user about correct data being used, correct billings, real time monitoring of meters and isolate the malfunctions.
Reliability : They should assure the reliable service and quick resolution when a problem arise. smart meter should monitor and reduce your energyusage without your interference.
Informed Consent: considering the advantages and disadvantages of smart meters users should be able to decide whether they can use it or decline it for now and install it whenever they are ready. User/Consumer shouldn’t be forced to switch using them.
Economic development : The reason behind the deployment of smart meters is to benefit the consumer, help them in knowing the usage and reduce energy consumptions and save money. So this benefits both the consumer and the economy in managing the resources utilizations like usage of water, gas, electricity, thus improves the economy


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infotech in a global economy
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The natural response to complex problems: this value is associated with the expectation of resistance from the people on the implementation of a new technology. Some societies in Netherlands have a more reserved setting thus the little resistance.
An opposite move towards a more abstract approach: this move is so as to prevent the resistance that they may experience from the locals while trying to implement the new technology. This move is based on the ideology of reverse mass psychology.
Focus on values that play a different role for different stakeholders. This entails engagement of all relevant stake holders and acknowledging their roles in the society. When the stakeholder embrace the idea it becomes easy for them to convince the public to embrace the new technological idea.
Addressing functional requirements, functional requirements are ideals since they make the ideas to become realistic and be easy for the public to understand.
Take both individual and social values into consideration. These values ensure that the public is engaged and the needs are listened to (Ligtvoet, et al., 2015). When people are engaged and their need are put into consideration before the implementation of a certain idea they gain a sense of belonging.

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