Information System Proposal

Information Systems Proposal BIS/220 Computer Information Systems Table of Contents Introduction3 Understanding the market challenges3 Internal operations and External operations3 Information Technology Comparison chart4 Technology and Information systems benefits and drawbacks4 Bullets of successful strategy5 References6 Thriving as a small business in a competitive market calls for many ingenious strategies to remain afloat. As companies enter into the market they can become easily consumed, overwhelmed and sometimes unnoticeable.
Opening business doors as a nostalgic record store immediately identifies a consumer demand, in efforts of remaining competitive and ultimately in business. As many internal operations are facets to efficient workplace process equating to fiscal conservatism, there are also many external factors that are paralleled. This proposal shall outline the effectiveness and detriments of many technologies and information systems that remain current in the market for small businesses today.
After reviewing the consumer market drive for record store inventory, results have demonstrated the most effective method to liquidate the product inventory would be marketing. By streamlining an effective marketing campaign and a competitive edge strategy the company would have the ability to target specific audience within the context of the company’s products. With the multitude of genres that would be cataloged into inventory, marketing demographics would contribute to the localities, regions and venues in which the marketing campaign would be presented.

Although this level of marketing efforts may appear to be complex and over budget. Information systems and technology have streamlined the process and paired cost effectiveness and efficiency into a user friendly simplistic process. As the internal operation of the process weigh heavily- on and rely-on the bottom-line, these operations should be developed and created on strategies of efficiency. Establishing a sustainable approach to developing an efficient process begins with a technological platform. From the inception of the business to stages of growth, massive catalogs of data will be compiled, retrieved and ultimately stored.
The process to disseminate information, transmit and receive will determine how efficient internal operations are performing. The performance of these operations will also determine the growth or decline of the bottom-line. The approach to offset any negative trending prior to the occurrence would be found within the interest of a database. The database technology can maintain many functions of time and attendance which may offset many incurred cost through payroll and processing. A time and attendance database will also prevent human error through automated recording and time monitoring updating.
Many of these databases also provide ad hoc reporting cataloging inventory and summarizing accounts payable and receivables. This method of reporting saves a tremendous amount of time and possibly salaried positions. This maintains inventory and process determining a more accurate bottom-line to produce more accurate accounts sales and inventory purchase orders. These databases provide cost saving measures through staff reduction, lowered overhead and fiscally accountable approaches. The table below (table 1. 1) identifies a comparison of the benefits of a system delivery of benefits. Table 1. 1
Information SystemReal-time UpdatePromotional SalesReviewer ControlsMicro BloggingDirect User interfaceAd Hoc ReportingTime and AttendanceEmployee Record Retention Twitter???? Facebook???? Web-site???????? KRONOS?????? Legiant?????? Information systems and technology comparison chart Twitter is a technology that has revolutionized the means in which businesses can interact with their clients. It has reduced the cost of marketing campaigns and has given clients more personalized customer service. The Twitter platforms functions as a micro blog whereas users can share thought, ideas and opinions on a real-time display.
This has connected companies, employees, client and customers to understand up –to-date news and reviews. This form of technology is of optimal cost effectiveness requiring no fees for registration. With Twitters massive member base, it also holds great opportunity for business advertising for a nominal fee; however, your adverting is in your message. When you post your Tweet (micro blog), its free of charge and the substance of your message will attract followers. Facebook is an excellent technological marketing platform with optimal cost effectiveness and efficient process to monitor the marketing content for the business.
This platform is designed to collaborate through group sharing on a intergraded network that will allow users to view current genres of music selections, upcoming events and allow customers to post reviews directly to an individual Facebook webpage designed exclusively for the record store. Facebook will limit the cost of print materials, postage and customer service inquiries by capturing marketing analysis onto this massive database. For more strategic approaches to marketing efforts, the record store can post a professional advertisement to the massive member base, for a nominal fee, and attract customers from many different platforms.
Website is information systems and technology merged and stored onto one computer system called a server that host all activity which is posted for the store. This serves as the ultimate platform for marketing, databases and record retention. There is an immediate cost for the server; however, it can be proven to be very cost effective for long-term usage. The computer server will assist in efficient correspondence through creating e-mails accounts for employees. Customer inquiry e-mail accounts can be established in addition to websites for internet use.
With purchase of this system the company will save from hosting fees, web page management fees, spacing and trafficking fees. Computer servers are also an excellent technology to host other databases that may require large amounts of storage space on a computer system and also serves as a repository for internal record retention and centralized databases on share drives. Capturing the essence of what will make this business successful is: •Interfacing with clients •Business to Business •Business to customers •Internal Business Process
With these aspects in mind it brings us to the internal operations of efficiency. KRONOS time and attendance information system database allows the company to maximize its time when human resource operations are of use. This database captures the time and attendance of all employees and salaried workers that report to the office within an automated process. KRONOS features ad hoc reporting which allows the administrator (authorized account user) to draw information that reports how many hours where worked within pay cycles.
It also maintains employee records to synchronize their worked time and post accrued vacation leave and generates payroll information for check processing. KRONOS is based upon licensing term and can impact the bottom-line during it interim use; however, this system can also reduce staff positions which can off-set the incurred fee. For a more conservative approach to the bottom-line while still attending to the features of KRONOS, LEGANT is a more cost effective solution of time and attendance information systems.
Although it features are more limited than KRONOS it still serves as an excellent source of information system that can off-set impact to the bottom-line and time effectiveness. Information systems and technology ultimately maximizes the efficiency and productivity of a company and to the success of all companies I would recommend the implementation of these systems. The technologies and systems outlined in this proposal represent strategic measures for successful engagement to a customer client base which collaborate customer services to product and company quality.

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