individual behavior promote sustainability in RRU

Length: 1500 words. Word count will be strictly enforced.
You will demonstrate your foundational learning from the past six weeks.
This assignment asks you to concisely put forward a recommendation and rationale for your case study. You will demonstrate your ability to diagnose complex problems, anticipate obstacles and results, and assess problems relying on your critical thinking skills and ability to effectively communicate these in writing.
You are permitted to use arguments you have already used in your team presentation, if they meet the requirements of this assignment. You are also permitted to present a different argument than you presented with your team.
Assignment Structure: Your assignment should be structured using the following headings:

Introduction (5%). Provide the minimum background needed to introduce the reader to the paper. Be sure to provide an overview of where the paper is going.
Narrowed Problem Statement (25%). Identify the direction in which you believe the case client should focus. Clearly articulate what you believe the case client’s focus should be. Create an argument that substantiates your claim that this focus represents the greatest area of opportunity for the case client. You are expected to construct a logical multi-paragraph argument.
Alternatives (15%). Identify three alternatives that address the problem statement you have identified. Use 1-3 paragraphs to describe each alternative, so that the reader can fully understand each one.
Criteria. Identify 3-6 decision criteria and provide a brief, clear description of each. Make sure criteria genuinely reflect your decision making and do not overlap. You may use bullet points in this section.
Decision Matrix and Recommendation (35%). Indicate what your recommendation is. Include your decision matrix, and refer to it in explaining why you have chosen the alternative you have. The reader should understand how you came to your decision. For example, if your matrix indicates that Alternative A will be less expensive to implement than Alternative B, inform the reader of how you came to this conclusion. Note that explaining how you have come to your recommendation requires you to construct an argument.
Implementation Plan (10%). Indicate who will do what by when. You may use bullet points, a table, or a chart, to depict your implementation plan, as long as each action item is clearly explained. Your implementation plan should be realistic.
Conclusion (5%). Summarize your argument in no more than four sentences.
Citation (5%). You must use citations where required, adhere to APA style, and include a bibliography at the end.

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individual behavior promote sustainability in RRU
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