Importance of Positive Attitude and Relationships

Importance of Positive Attitude and Relationships Relationships between people have an important place in social psychology, and having a healthy, positive relationship is even more important. People are different; no one person is alike another. Each is unique and special with different capabilities and methods that are used to gain their own benefits. However, maybe not everyone has developed their communication skills as well as others, but society is built on communication and positive thinking. In my opinion, it is very good thing that we, as a society, are positive.
There may be many different reasons why some are negative; however, negativity is not good in any way. For example, there are some who do not want to maintain positive relationships or maybe not even know how to form them. No matter how hard they try, they do not have enough knowledge about positive relationships, or they do not know how to proceed with the process of building a positive relationship. We cannot solely base our knowledge on what our parents will or will not teach us; it is here that is the right place for cultural reinforcement to be positive.
However, the reinforcement begins very early. Society is trying to build children’s characteristics and teach what is considered good and what is considered bad. We teach children how to communicate with others, how to make lives better by being good to others, but of course, there are some families and people who do not believe it is important or useful to teach these skills. Because of this, new personalities grow and some do not know how to be nice and cannot live alongside with others peacefully. We can meet such people in the world around us.

For example, gangs think that there is nothing positive in the world and therefore make trouble in place of the good. Meanwhile, to build positive relationships we can use situations that happen in schools. We send children to school to educate them, but that is only the formal side of education. The informal side is where you have to learn how to cooperate with others, sometimes even conquer things “under the sun. ” Peers often have conflicts between each other, but in the majority of cases, they do not want to resolve these conflicts.
Each child comes from a different background, and they may not have been taught how to coexist with others. Each child has been brought up differently, and some might even say that it is not the right way to raise them because there are different opinions everywhere on how to behave in society. We grow up while we go through the school years. People begin to realize that we have learned different ways to communicate and some have learned more effective methods on how to live more positively among their peers. We can easily conclude that the only high school class we begin to learn this lesson in is science-psychology.
Psychology is where we find the answers to those questions, and those activities that are now in the distant past, but at the same time, we learn more, learn things we did not know. We begin to look to other people with another point of view. We no longer desire to conflict with others over minor things, because now we understand that it just does not make sense. For example, I don’t mind if someone sits in my usual chair, like I cared in the middle school. In these years, we are no longer afraid to express our views and defend our rights. We are beginning to recognize the essence and importance of words.
Of course, there are those individuals who fail to learn anything from their experiences and their mistakes. I remember from my high school years, I was often involved in different types of conflicts; in most of them, I was not the initiator. For example, teachers do not know who is throwing things and who is receiving them and being a victim. Mostly because of the conflicts, I ?? was excluded from the rest of the class, but it was not just me. In my elementary school years, there was one class that was set up with several separate groups that conflicted with each other.
There was once a time when I did not want to get involved in any of these groups, because I wanted to be a friend to everyone, but unfortunately nobody cared, so I was left out by all. I thought if I would be involved in a small group in the class, it would change everything, but nothing particularly changed. When people grow up, they better understand why it is so important to be positive and polite to everybody. Later, the high school class composition changed and no longer had any special assigned classes; of course, it was the same age that clung together more than students of different age groups did.
But suddenly there was an ability and understanding about helping each other; we became united. There was a feeling that we were one big family. The reason I give this is teaching-psychology, and we are learning to understand the true nature of the case. Also, our past experiences have taught us. We learned not only from our mistakes, but also from fellow friends’ mistakes. We wanted to be the best, and those who were the best realized the important values ?? that were needed from an early age. We evolved, people improved and were able to capture more of a positive attitude and teach others why it is so important to understand that.
My weakness is I still struggle to create such a relationship. I need remove such things as shyness and seclusion from my life. I often worry about the presence of strangers; I do not know what to say and what to do because of the feeling of insecurity. I have concluded that it is because I could not trust people. I sometimes develop a fear that things I say will be told to everybody. I feel this way because there have been many cases where I have just been used. I lost one of my best friends while ago, just because a huge lie from other people and I am still not over it.
I’m trying to overcome these shortcomings; I have felt the change, and here, in America, it seems a little bit easier because people seem to be more polite and open; however, I still need to work on that a lot. My strong side is that I can stand by my opinion and argue that it is right. We all learn to stifle our weaknesses and not judge by trying to become understanding towards other people. Times are changing and with it we also change if we see a need to change. To establish a positive relationship with the community, people have to be at peace with themselves and enjoy themselves and others.
We should not put too much self-criticism on ourselves and “drive” self-complexes. We should not think that others are better than ourselves. Many cannot create such a positive relationship, because of self-disparagement or because they think of themselves to be superior to others. It is very good that people make judgments about personalities and how positive and negative you are. For humanity, it is difficult to understand the other fellow human beings; but, of course, all this is normal. Each way has its “pros” and “cons”.

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Importance of Positive Attitude and Relationships
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