Ideas inside of us

Wearing headphones or earphones, turning on favorite songs are the best ways to escape from these distractions. Many studies show that some genres of music such as Jazz or Baroque could help the brain signals processing faster. For instance, when listening to a Jazz song, I feel happier, more relaxed and reducing stress. Music really helps my mind regain the energy that I easily continue focusing on the work. The human brain is very smart, but it is also lazy to concentrate for a long time. When doing one thing for a long time, the brain feel bored, hence it easily gets off the track.
Some student share experiences that when they focus on study for two or three hours, they feel hardly to keep their mind going on the lesson. Different changes happened however, when they listen to music that helps everything back to its orbit. As a result, music really helps students kept their concentration on studying. Another advantage of listening to music is that music can helps students get creative ideas while studying. From joy to ad from happiness to despair, music really has a special ability to leading our emotions.
If I need to write a sympathy essay sharing the sorrow with people dying on the war, I should choose a blues ballad song to listen while writing. If am solving an equation in algebra, I need to find a little hard rock of Linking park. Music can simulate students’ creativity as a cup of coffee. Listening to music while studying could help students get ideas that they might not realize before. If you want to find something to boost your creative, do not think bout coffee but try some music, it is truly a healthy caffeine medicine for our students.

Music leads the emotion and emotion paves the way for creative ideas inside of us. Sometime, you stuck with a problem, find no way to escape the cycle, so you need something helping you get out of that. Let turn on the cellophane, and play some Pop, ideas will come to you. As can be seen, music is an effective medicine helps us get ideas that are more creative. One other advantage of listening to music while studying is that it helps students have a better memory. Our studies prove that Classical or Zen music can help students easily remember the numbers in math or years of history.
Music has the ability to transport our memory back in time just like a time machine. Some formulas or sequences students have studied for a long time might be forgotten. Now, they are recalled exactly as learned yesterday thanks for Classical music. Some students cannot remember and revise what they learned because they are under the pressures of the test ahead. In that case, listening to Zen music could release the pressure, slow the heartbeat and inspires students’ confidence that help them recall their memories better.
Moreover, students will not be bored or stressed when dealing with a long night trying to revise some ideas for a presentation. With a good mood from music, they can better learn facts and lectures that they confront for a presentation. Also, fast music affects students’ abilities to remember things out loud. In the same way, slow music helps students think more deeply and keep this information in students’ memories. Therefore, music is really a helpful tool for students’ memories.

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Ideas inside of us
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