Hypothesis Objectives problem

Self-placement is basically when companies place their own products on a particular outlet or place. Consumers have differing buying habits and different reactions towards products. Self-placement has a very important effect on sales and number of consumers which it tends to attract. We are dealing in a world of perfect competition in which producers and consumers all have to fight between a lot of products and what prices to sell them and buy them on, but the most important thing is to where to provide the products so as to make sure that sales are being done in the way they are supposed to.
There are definitely effects Of self-placement on battle buying products and sales. Consumers have different priorities but some things as very common which have to be bought from a particular place or a particular outlet, especially when it comes to habitual buying products then consumers have two things in their minds, number one is the price they have to pay all the time and number two which place they will get it from. Rational consumer will have a different buying behavior than a person who is versatile and keeps on changing his, her priorities all the time.
The effects can be significant leading to a jump in the number of sales or decline in the number of sales. Therefore we have two extremes to discuss. Self-placement may trigger a rational consumer to purchase the product from a particular place or not to purchase it. First of all discussing the positive effects, consumers have a wide variety of products to choose from and can easily relate with the product at any place . A rational consumers very consistent with buying a habitual product so will prefer which ever place he or she will be getting it from.

Different theories have taken this relationship in different way so we will be discussing in accordance with some buying behaviors and how they will be affecting sales. Ethical consumers are most concerned with how products are placed and how they are presented. Increase in the number of sales will be only be experienced when consumers will be satisfied with the item they want to purchase. Some theories assume that culture has a lot of impact on how people react to self-placement done by companies. Consumes consumption is the most important variable which will depict the number of sales every time. Components to be mentioned: Theoretical Framework Research Question Hypothesis Objectives problem Statement The two most important variables which we have to discuss here are habitual eying behavior and sales, therefore we will draw a connection between these two things with the help of a presentation. Independent variable is self- placement and their dependent variable is sales. Research Question Following is some question which we will be dealing with: What is the effect of self-placement on the sales of an habitual product ?

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Hypothesis Objectives problem
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