Hrmn 367 – organizational culture

Defining organizational culture, Schein states that a group’s culture is influenced by the group’s accumulated learning.  Do you agree or disagree with Schein’s statement and why?

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Hrmn 367 – organizational culture
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Canyou provide specific examples and explanations of the three levels of culture: Artifacts, Espoused Values, and Basic Underlying Assumptions?


3.       After reading Tharp’s article, describe the differences between espoused values and enacted values.  Can you think of an example in your organization or other organizations and share it?

Defining Culture

Your textbook focuses on various forms of written business communication:

Text, Email, Netiquette, Memorandums and Letters, Business Proposals, Reports, Resumes,Sales Messages  

1. When is e-mail inappropriate? In your response, provide an example of a situation where email is inappropriate … and explain why. Feel free to illustrate your comments by including a copy of an “inappropriate email” without embarrassing others by “naming names”.

Under the circumstances, for the situation you have chosen to present, what method of communication would be preferable?



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