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term paper analyzing a particular area within the Human Resource function of a selected organization. select an organization in which you are familiar and have access. You must be able to obtain detailed information and examples of HR policies, processes and procedures. You are an HR Consultant, and you have been asked to assess the effectiveness of a particular Human Resource function within your organization and make recommendations for improvement.You will begin by selecting the organization and selecting the function that you will assess. You may choose one of the following areas:HR PlanningStaffingPerformance managementCompensationBenefitsFollowing is a summary of the sections that should be included in your paper and the potential points for each section.
Executive SummaryThis section should provide a brief but clear and concise overview of the entire paper, summarizing all of the major facts including the your assessment and recommendations.
Description of Organization & StrategyDescribe the organization in detail. Then describe the organizations business strategy.
Human Resources: Strategy & Role Within OrganizationDescribe the organizations overall structure and role. (How many people are in HR, what are their roles and responsibilities, where does the top HR executive fall in the companys organization chart?)Then describe the organizations HR strategy, if one exists. Describe the role that the HR function plays in supporting the organizational strategy. Does HR participate in strategic planning? Is there a HR Plan based on the companys business strategy?
Description of Selected HR Function Current Describe the current state of the HR function you have chosen to assess. What are the current policies and procedures? How were the current practices created? (Have they been using that performance evaluation form since the company was started back in 1952? Did they just introduce the new benefits plan?, etc
Analysis of selected HR Function How is this function perceived by employees, managers, and HR staff? Do specific HR objectives related to this area exist? Does this function support the business strategy? Why or why not? Does this provide the company with any kind of competitive advantage? What is done well and what problems exist?
Recommendations for ImprovementOutline your recommendations for improvement. Provide specific recommendations such as a new strategic planning process, new compensation or benefit plans, improved staffing processes or methods, new performance evaluation methods, etc Be sure to provide a detailed explanation of how your recommendations will help the organization be more successful. You should also address any costs, recommended timelines for completion, potential problems or other issues surrounding your recommendations.
Summary/Conclusion Summarize your findings and the rationale for your recommendations.
AppendicesInclude copies of current or recommended policies, 

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