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Working and Studying at the same time??

The society today seems to have adopted new expectations regarding self-reliance. I mean, most people who are interested in furthering their studies also need to work to pay their bills. When you are working it is most definite that attending a normal classroom at the set time would be difficult and in some cases, impossible. Let’s start by relieving your fears about how you can balance time for learning and working. Well, there is a number of online tools that supplements your ability to access new information and provide learners with many different options for learning participation and productivity. Online learning tools may be in form of any program or app that is accessible via an internet connection and increase a teacher’s ability to put forward information and a student’s ability to reach that information. Critically thinking, a teacher led pace may be too slow in today’s world where by students are more comfortable and familiar with using the internet to research on unknown topics. In other words, modern technology has pretty much pervaded every part of human race and every part of life is influenced by the process of digitalization. However, digital education has lots of benefits to give but there’s still much in that field that is yet to be exploited. Following are a few comprehensive online learning tools that could help any busy and working learner.


Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a broad tool that is a learning management system (LMS) at its basic. Its greatest benefit is to allow learners, educators and administrators to come up with their own custom learning environments that suit their needs impeccably. It is a single solidly built, secure and integrated system which you can download onto your own web server.   

Moodle is proven and trusted globally. It has powered tens of thousands of learning environments worldwide. It has won the trust of organizations and institutions including London school of Economics, Shell, Microsoft, State University of New York and the UK and Japan Open University.

Why I Recommend Moodle

It is Easy to Use

Ithas drag and drop features, a simple interface, ongoing usability improvements and well-documented resources that make it easy to use. Using a single sign on, users can access all their online portals

Suitable for online Exams

Learners do set exams online using assessment tools such as Quizzes which have set up options such as multiple choices or true/ false.

It can be Used Anywhere, Any time and on Any Device

Moodle can be accessed from anywhere since it is web-based. Content on Moodle platform is easily accessible and consistent across different web browsers

Allows for Active Learning

Learners work together in wikis and forums which encourages peer assessment and self-reflection with dedicated tools, and gets feedback through surveys.

It’s Free with No Licensing Fees

Moodle is freely provided. Anyone can modify and extend Moodle for both noncommercial and commercial projects without paying any fee.

No language Limitation

Moodle community ensures that Moodle is translated into more than 120 languages which helps users to easily localize their sites.

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