Healthy Care Community HIT Maintenance and Support Plan

Part 1 – Maintenance and Support Plan 
Use Microsoft® Word to develop a 3- to 4-page Healthy Care Community HIT Maintenance and Support Plan that the IT Support Desk will use once the new Pharmacy Medication Synchronization component is implemented. 
Include the following in your plan:

Procedures for the IT Support Team to obtain, track, and prioritize user feedback related to performance, usability issues, and improvement opportunities
Procedures to ensure the occurrence of regular, proactive reviews to improve performance and usability optimization
Troubleshooting guidelines the IT Support Team can use to identify causes and potential solutions to performance and security issues 

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Healthy Care Community HIT Maintenance and Support Plan
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Part 2 – HIT Architecture Diagram Revision 
Revise your proposed Healthy Care Community HIT Architecture Diagram from your Week Three Healthy Care Community Installation Plan individual assignment (the full network diagram, not the one focused on the Pharmacy Medication Synchronization solution). 
Incorporate the following:

Information learned this related to usability, improvements, and troubleshooting 


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